Men prefer larger women

Think thin women are your “type,” men?

That may change as your stress levels rise.

A new study from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, published in the journal Ethology, found that men undergoing high levels of stress find heavier women more attractive than their less-stressed cohort does.

Researchers at the university polled men going through grueling army cadet training, as well as those whose environments were unchanged and largely stress-free.

The study found that as the cadets’ stress level increased, they were more likely to rate heavier female faces highly. This is likely because women who appear heavier are better able to survive tough times — like a famine or war — and continue to reproduce, the study authors posit.

In documents published this week, inspectors found that a fifth of the water in the Yangtze’s feeder rivers in one province was unusable, and thousands of tonnes of raw sewage were being deposited into one river in northeastern Ningxia each day.

Worried about unrest, China launched its war on pollution in 2014, vowing to reverse the damage done to its skies, rivers and soil by more than three decades of breakneck industrial growth.